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301 Cranberry Street
Newland, NC 28657

Mailing Address:
P.O. Drawer 429
Newland, NC 28657




In Office Hours

Monday through Friday

8 am to 4:30 pm


The Administration Department is the hub of the Town Hall and the front line for citizen interaction. The Department consists of the Town Administrator, Town Clerk, and Finance Officer. The staff greets, directs and assists the people that come into the Town Hall.

Administration handles all of the accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax collection, tax billing, tracking and receiving of State Revenues.  All mail, both outgoing and incoming is handled, along with distribution to all departments including the Police Department, Public Works and Water/Sewer.


The Administration Department assists all departments and often fills in by issuing various certificates and forms and explaining Town requirements. Our Department maintains all records for the Town, requiring each Town member to have full knowledge and understanding of many aspects of operation. Cross training is imperative in our smooth functioning department.


Additionally, administration serves the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, by preparing agenda packets, issuing the minutes, handling correspondence, scheduling meetings and notification of all media as required by law.

Town Staff

Bill Bailey

Town Administrator

(828) 733-2023

Jessica Buchanan

Finance Officer

(828) 733-2023

serenity oaks

Administrative Assistant

(828) 733-2023

mackenzie tipton

Town Clerk

(828) 733-2023

Gerald McKinney P.A.

Town Attorney


The Mayor and Aldermen make policy decisions in accord with procedures and responsibilities set out in North Carolina State Law. The Town Administrator carries out policies and directives of the Mayor and the Board. The Mayor is elected every four years as are the other members of the Board of Aldermen. Terms are staggered so that seats are filled by elections every two years. Town elections for Mayor and Town Council are non-partisan and at large (no wards or districts are designated) and are held in November of odd-numbered years.

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(828) 789 - 9551

Gail Haller


James Johnson

Mayor Pro Tem

Christie Hughes



Kenan Foxx


Council Members may be contacted through Town Hall.

(828) 733-2023

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